About My Work

I love the sensations of my surroundings. Wherever I go, the colors and light around me fuel my imagination, empowering me to infer spirit and personality from the subject matter that I paint. These stimuli are the infrastructure of my visual world. They create the shape of spaces and objects, establishing relationships among them and the environments they inhabit.

My intuitive non-representational compositions grow out of these sensations. I begin with color. Often I pour paint onto a wet canvas and watch as it runs and spreads into the fabric, surprising me with it's shape. Other times I draw or paint the area of color. Then, as an artist, I respond. Other shapes and colors follow, each replying to the movement and placement of a growing family of forms. Sometime in this process I perceive these forms as metaphors for an experience, observations or event, and this perception guides the completion of the work.

I make art to express my intuitions and emotions and to explore the ways that light and image emerge from color. While painting, I enter a world where my concentration and focus are intensified. Choices and decisions flow naturally from sensation without conscious analysis. I try to record these feelings, hoping to replicate for others the pleasure and exhilaration that I experience from my work.

My Resume

My Upcoming Exhibitions

March 17-April 20, 2017, "New Directions"
The Cosmopolitan Club, 1616 Latimer Street, Philadelphia, PA
Opening Reception: March 17, 2017, 5-7 PM